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People tend to care not so much WHAT you do,

But WHY you do it.

100% of our proceeds go to benefit the world’s most vulnerable.

We believe that we are called to be a voice for the voiceless in our world. To that end, we (Eric & Brenda) do not take a salary from this business. Rather, it is one way we have been able to use our talents to benefit others in need. When you become involved with iCatching.com, you have the opportunity to partner in this pursuit.



A New Business:  Every new business referred to us means more relief around the world!

A Nonprofit:  Do you know of a nonprofit that needs a new website?  We’d love to build a new website for them at no cost.  Email us your favorite nonprofit here.

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100% of our proceeds are gifted to the ministries below to aid the world’s most vulnerable populations; specifically orphans and widows. This means that when you become a client of ours – your money literally saves lives. Watch this video to learn more about the types of programs we sponsor:

Here are all of the programs www.iCatching.com sponsors:


While global poverty is an issue, we recognize there is also need right here at home. We encourage everyone to get involved at a local and global capacity by simply giving (with time, talents and treasures!) in the place that gets your heart pumping!  For us, some of those local organizations include…

We’d love for you to join us, but most of all, we’d love for you to find a place to serve that match your God-given burden and talents and go for it!